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Fastmocap - Tutorial 2 - Animation Tracking - Kinect Motion Capture - Windows and Mac OS X - YouTube.
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Download simpleKinect. Note: This app was exported as a Mac version.

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White paper. This standalone version, 1. The Kinect-Via- interfaces offer a tangible solution for anyone wishing to explore user tracking with the Kinect for creative application. Please read the documentation in the. Note: Latest has been tested with Max 5.


Kinect-Via- is by Jon Bellona. Casting is a real-time composition for a single performer using the Microsoft Kinect and Kyma.

Fastmocap - Tutorial 1 - Installation - Kinect Motion Capture - Windows and Mac OS X

The piece embodies both the programmatic and the magical use of the term. By giving form to gesture that conjures sound and visual elements, a body's movement becomes intertwined with the visceral. The performer's body 'throws' and controls sound, enabling the viewer to perceive sound as transfigured by motion.

In this way, music becomes defined by the human mold of the performer and listener. The interactive and audiovisual installation av ar puts the relationship between people and their medial reflection at the center of the experience. In this closed circuit installation, the control, dependencies, and aesthetic reference levels can be explored and controlled interactively with the entire body.

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A catalogue of emotions serves as audiovisual communication material and leads to a reflection about the systematic use of feelings. The dance with the medial mirror opens a space of experience in the tense atmosphere between the non-digital and the digital ego - the avatar. Steamfields Bodyscapes excerpt from Deprogram on Vimeo. This is part of her PhD research into movement-based interactive music performance. The video is an excerpt of her performance at the Sydney Fringe Festival, in Sept. To disable this warning use -Wno-deprecated. Could it be that when it asks for a password it wants a permission key from OpenNI rather than my password?

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January 24, In computer vision , technology Tagged as cycling74 , kinect , maxmsp , motion tracking , nite , opensource , osc , osx , primesense 17 comments. Prerequisites: 0. Getting it up and running: 1. Compile and run, and hopefully there are no problems… Optional: 1.

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An example Max patch is also available. After downloading and extracting if you downloaded the zip file , navigate to.

Optional: 1. But is a damn lotta stuff. Hi, I get a compilation error in Xcode. The install. Though you can safely remove this file from the project. You can get the Java and Developer tools version for your OS.