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But lots of newcomers to Mac OS X (especially those coming over from Windows) find it tricky to close, maximise and minimise app windows.
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By the way, I have Opera set to launch on Desktop 2 out of three. EDIT: As you were. I've just discovered I wasn't fully updated. Now I'm on I have to say, it doesn't impact me on the way I work, but yes, let's hope the devs do something about it!

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The initial description of this issue is incorrect. A more accurate description would be "Closed Opera Dock icon won't open a new window or new tab.

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Thank you for your specification. Your fix isn't working for me. Removed the old Dock-Icon and adding a new has no effect.

Maximize to Full Screen

Still the same issue. I noticed, that the Opera-Icon in the program folder symbolic view is not the app itself, if you right click on "information", it will indicate, that "Opera" is a folder So if you drag this Icon bona fide in your Dock, there is a sort of "folder" instead the app.

It seems there is something wrong with the installation itself. Normally a folder has its Folder-Icon, not the App-Icon.

How to Enter and Exit Full Screen Mode in macOS

For many years now my dock has been empty except for Finder, Trash and any apps that are actually running, and I always open apps using spotlight. And Opera no longer re-opens with a window. It also behaves like other apps when right-clicked, offering "Show Package Contents", which doesn't happen with a folder. Do you have extensions switched off by any chance? Right-clicking this Icon leads to the context-menu of a folder new folder Import from All other Program-Icons are displaying the expected context-menu, as you mentioned Show Package content If I change to List-view, Opera shows also the correct context-menu.

For me its strange but reproducible. I'll see if it survives a shut down and re-boot, but my guess is not; not going to do it now, though. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

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How to Make a Window Full Screen on Mac

I looked around and found some totally whacked out solutions involving applescript or bash scripting but finally found an incredibly simple and obvious method using System Prefs. I recommend it for everyone who is sick of using the mouse to hit the tiny green jewel. Note on restarting apps: These shortcuts work on an app-by-app basis so it will only work in a given application after the app is restarted. Thus if you restart your computer it will immediately work in all apps. I might have to try the app mentioned in the comments to find true happiness.

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Great tip. In some apps, it just changes the window size. Is this different in Snow Leopard?

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Or do you know a workaround? It seems to be totally undocumented in the HIG the guidelines apple publishes but as far as I can tell in Definitely my least favorite feature in OS X.