Soundcloud app mac stopped working

Before this problem starts,one week ago was a problem with playing any track in alright and via iPhone soundcloud app all working perfectly).
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SoundCloud is no different. The service unfortunately discontinued its official Mac app a while ago. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative SoundCloud apps. That means you can play, pause, and skip back and forth through your feed without having to first find the right tab. The app also supports some simple shortcuts for liking L and reposting R tracks. But Mac OS X has its share of quality open source programs as well — and a bunch of them aren't available for Linux or Windows. Read More SoundCloud app.

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The player is available for macOS as well as Windows and Linux, which might explain why it feels a little more developed than some of the other apps on this list. It uses a suave dark theme with a sidebar for navigation and media controls along the bottom of the window. Media controls work as expected, but there are no shortcuts for liking or reposting tracks. Many popular apps live in the top right-corner of your Mac; these offer so much functionality that created a master list of menu bar apps The Ultimate List of Mac Menu Bar Apps The Ultimate List of Mac Menu Bar Apps These tiny smart utilities don't get in our way like the dock apps do -- Mac menu bar apps sit in a corner and swing into action only when you need them!

The app is devilishly simple in its approach and perfectly designed to sit in the Mac menu bar until you need it. While playing from SoundCloud, the VOX dock icon will switch to the current track artwork, which can make finding the app tricky at a glance.

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AirPlay support is baked into the app, and not hidden behind a premium account. VOX works fine for simple playback, but one false click and your web browser launches a new window bugging you to upgrade to a premium account. While technically not a separate SoundCloud app, BeardedSpice takes the SoundCloud web app and fixes a few of its biggest problems.

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The app lives in your menu bar and allows you to quickly switch which tab your media keys control. Neither of these ways is free, though.

If you own a rooted Android phone, consider yourself lucky. You can remove ads in SoundCloud using a hosts file for no charge. Check out the pros and cons of this method to block ads on Android in browsers, apps, and games. For many years SoundCloud has been an unprofitable service.

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  6. Not only users keep hearing the same dull advertising after every single song, but a SoundCloud app also insists user reopen an app to finish listening to an ad. But some regulation of advertising amount and quality would be nice. Before the music service manages to do this, please follow our guide on how to remove ads from SoundCloud.

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